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Whether, form follows function, function follows form or they are equal... one thing is always true!

"Creativity without planing never gets off the drawing board.
Quality control is essential in bringing creative ideas to life."



Regardless of whether the architectural form follows function, it is treated as superior or always applies:

"The creativity needed advice and planning.
The creative force requires quality control. "
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Why a fair-forum? What purpose and what goal is it?

The already popular since its formation building concrete take greater applause.
In addition to being used for commercial and public buildings is also in the concrete housing increasingly common.
Last accompany the building materials in the form of aesthetically sophisticated furniture, the user even to the smallest detail of the house.

Behind a laudable result is a lot of work and coordination.
The planners are encouraged to consider all the details and when the outcome of the tender clearly defined.
The collaboration with concrete technologists and trained specialist firms is essential.

The fair-Forum are to planners, builders, exporting companies, as well as to students. Frequently asked questions and their answers will be on the Internet platform, whose job it is to provide a pool of informative and useful tips to make.
This can, for example, asked questions about the literature, recommendations to planners and companies and installation instructions as well as manufacturing costs and tender notices to be replaced. The goal is, therefore, one was used on the form of the exchange to create concrete.

Furthermore, once a year, the fair-forum in the form of a public event. Interesting conferences on the topic, and a photo exhibition on concrete buildings to expand the theoretical knowledge and personal experience suggest.

Forum-faced at the TFH Berlin
"This is also a general objective of the institution are met, namely the design of a practical training.
Practice and science should be brought closer to each other and are mutually supportive. "

At the TFH (Technical University) informed Mr. Schulz as a lecturer and Others the concrete Wahpflichtfach

Concrete - a design element of our century are reinforced concrete and building materials of our century and contribute to its surface to design many contemporary architecture. Even more than in technically functional area, for example in interior decoration, they demand not only a technical and material planning and processing, but for concrete, the choice of a suitable design for the formwork.
It makes less of a role, whether the surface smooth, rough or profiled, but they must match the one on the architecture and the environment against pollution protection. Such a measure can be opaque or transparent colors imprägnierend or lasierend, but should the structural character of the concrete needs.
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